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Storage Unit Waste Removal

Minimising risks at every step of the process

Many people have excess materials in their storage unit. Have you considered removing that old mattress et cetera it may save you thousands in extra storage costs may even be able to reduce the size of your storage unit to the next one down. Riff Raff Rubbish can take it away for you at reasonable rates.
One of our most popular options is for you to take everything that you want to keep move it into a new smaller unit and we come and close out the old larger unit for you, sweeping it out,  taking photos and informing the desk so then you don’t even have to be there. 
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Swift Solutions

Our expert team specializes in prompt storage unit waste removal. We know your time is valuable, and we’re dedicated to getting the job done swiftly and efficiently.


We are committed to sustainable practices. Our waste removal processes prioritize recycling, donation, and responsible disposal, minimizing the impact on the environment.

Professional Team

Our trained professionals are equipped with the skills to handle various types of waste found in storage units. From old furniture and electronics to general clutter, we know how to manage it all.

Types of Waste We Handle in Storage Units

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Old Furniture

Don’t let that worn-out sofa or outdated desk take up valuable space. We’ll remove and dispose of old furniture responsibly.


From worn-out couches to faded armchairs, we’ll help you bid farewell to ageing seating.

Renovation Debris

 If you’ve used your storage unit to store materials from a past renovation, we can help you clear away the debris, including lumber, tiles, and other construction remnants.


Dispose of old or malfunctioning electronics safely. We handle everything from computers and TVs to small appliances.

Electronic Waste

From ancient CRT TVs to obsolete printers, electronics have a way of accumulating. Our experts know how to handle electronic waste safely, ensuring proper disposal or recycling.

Paper, Cardboard or Plastic

Clear your space of old documents, packaging, and cardboard clutter. Our recycling efforts ensure responsible disposal.

Household Clutter

Sometimes, storage units become a catch-all for miscellaneous household items. We’ll help you declutter by sorting through the mess and disposing of items you no longer need.

Garden Outdoor Waste

From fallen leaves and branches to trimmings and plant debris, we handle a wide range of garden waste, leaving your space clean and tidy.

Estate Cleanouts

In sensitive times, such as estate settlements, cleaning out a storage unit might be a daunting task. Our compassionate team can assist in respectfully clearing out possessions.

Building and DIY Waste

Building projects often come with tight schedules. We offer prompt waste removal, allowing you to move forward with your project without delays.

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Areas We Cover

Areas We Cover

Although we are primarily based in London, we are dedicated to extending our top-quality rubbish waste removal services to a diverse range of locations.

Although we are primarily based in London, we are dedicated to extending our top-quality rubbish waste removal services to a diverse range of locations.

  • Marylebone

  • Bayswater

  • Brook Green

  • Hammersmith

  • Kensington

  • Holland Park

  • Chiswick

  • Westminster

  • Oxford Circus

  • Paddington

  • Stevenage

  • Shepherd’s Bush

  • St Albans

  • Covent Garden